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Thomas Garite Mini-Sabbatical

The Thomase Garite Mini-Sabbatical Grants is in honor of Dr. Thomas Garite who served as The Pregnancy Foundation Chair from 2007-2013.  These grants are intended to gain or expand a member’s skills in practice or research under the guidance of experts in the field of maternal-fetal medicine. The grants are intended for the full spectrum of SMFM Regular Members and Fellows-in-training. Up to $25,000 in funding is available for individuals who apply for the grants. If you are just starting your career in maternal-fetal medicine practice and you would like to receive training with seasoned practitioners, this grant is for you. Similarly if you are a seasoned practitioner looking to expand your current practice or research skills, you are eligible to apply for this grant to spend time with a mentor in an institution that has developed programs you are interested in.

You can find the Thomas Garite Mini-Sabbatical application here

Please contact Michele Prince, Administrative Director, at if you have any questions.

Previous Award Recipients:


Camille Kanaan, MD, CVS

Lama Tolaymat, MD, CVS


Erika Werner, MD, CVS *

Daniel Katz, MD, CVS *

Gretchen L. Koontz, MD, CVS

Caroline Stella, MD, CVS


Mary Vadnais, MD, CVS *

Hai-Lang Duong, MD, Fetal Echocardiography *

J Newton, MD, PhD, Advanced Research Techniques *


Maureen P. Malee, MD, PhD, CVS

Michelle Silasi, MD, CVS *

Lisa E. Moore, MD, CVS

J Newton, MD, PhD, Advanced Research Techniques *


Erica Berggren, M*, D&E*


Meg Hill, MD,  Placental Biology and Advanced Research Techniques*

Steve Rad, MD, Fetal Neuroimaging*


M. Camille Hoffman, MD, Mood Disorders in Pregnancy

Pranita Nirgudkar, MD, Preterm Birth Mouse Model*

* Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellows